In order to provide you with a quote that will meet the needs of your event you will be asked, in the following step, to indicate the areas inside the Museum that you are interested in hiring. For your convenience, here is a summary of what is available:

SALA 1893 – 140 m2 room situated on the second floor, ideal for hosting corporate meetings and conventions in an exclusive location that is steeped in history, equipped with 4 speaker’s tables with 4 seats, 64 audience seats, 3×2 m videowall, microphones and audio system, PC. There is also a 10 m2 support room which can be adapted for various types of use.

MUSEUM TOUR – Area situated on the first floor, a 200 m2 space composed of 5 rooms which can be adapted to meet different client needs.

RECEPTION AREA – Represents a comprehensive space with a corridor entrance, a desk for guest reception and a private area for the wardrobe service.




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