It’s made in the English style, with the stands close to the pitch and the audience cheering on the players from right behind. There are more modern and functional stadiums in Italy, however, none has the charm of the dear old Luigi Ferraris Stadium, the oldest still in use in Italy. Inaugurated in 1911, it’s undergone extensive renovations over time. At the time of its construction, the then president of Genoa, Edoardo Pasteur, accepted the offer of Marquis Musso Piantelli to build a pitch in the horse ring on his property.
It has been a setting for incredible tales, great characters and matches which have entered the annals of history. All of these have been part of the stadium, which is acoustically similar to a theatre. Hundreds of football fans from abroad pay a visit to the “Temple”, as the Genoan fans call it.
Breath in and get a feel of its special atmosphere. C’mon!

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10-02-2023 20:30
Stadio Luigi Ferraris